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[ENG] Foreword from the Editors in Chief

Published onDec 10, 2023
[ENG] Foreword from the Editors in Chief

The publication of our first issue marks yet another milestone in our journey as the first student-led journal, think-tank, and education platform in health and life sciences. This first issue is an inspiring proof of principle that openly publishing student research is a goal worth striving for.  

Most importantly, this issue honors our community of student authors and reviewers that substantially contributed with their articles, reviews, and recommendations. A culmination of content only made possible through our strong network of partners and mentors!

Hear about their opinions in quotes and engage in the mission of our partner journals within the framework of Berlin Exchange. Explore our milestones and day-to-day business in running a student journal in the health professions. Fulfilling our mission has led us to develop a large amount of scientific educational resources from review courses to online stats tutorial programs. Find out how we translate this into action when introducing you to our educational Journal Club or when traveling the  “statosphere”. 

This issue is crafted to explore the different facets of student research and highlights the challenges an Open Science journal encounters. Our issue condenses our daily effort in proving why we need Open Science and showcases our fellowship program as a tool to spread this mission and awareness among other students. 

You will find editorials written and curated by our BEM-Team alongside reviewed original research articles from our community of early career researchers. In addition to traditional research this issue contains first-hand experiences and perspectives from students and scientists.  

As editorial team, we are particularly proud to present original research on oncology, humanitarian challenges, translational clinical research, and the integration of apps and data science into medicine. 

In the end, it all boils down to our excellent team of ambitious and rigorous students, without whom we could never have followed our mission. Join us in appreciating with us all those who have contributed to building and establishing the platform and publishing house within the Student Network for Open Science (NOS, formerly Berlin Exchange Medicine). 

 Now enjoy reading through this very first issue of NOS and dive into our journey.  

Niklas Rutsch and Fatih Yalcin 

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