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[ENG] Milestones

This is the story of an inspiring vision, a wonderful team and many exciting challenges. A lot has happened since NOS (at that time BEM) was founded in October 2020.

Published onDec 10, 2023
[ENG] Milestones

October 2020: Foundation of Berlin Exchange Medicine e.V.
December 2020: First Call for Team Members and establishment of the initial team 

March 2021: Foundation of "Berlin Exchange” 
June 2021: Launch of our website 
Establishment of our journal structures  

August 2021: First BEM summer party in Berlin 

October 2021: First Call for Papers and Call for Reviewers 

November 2021: Official cooperation with the Berlin University Alliance 

December 2021: First Peer Review Crash Course 

January 2022:  First online publications on our journal website on PubPub
First broad media coverage in Frankfurter Allgemeine
Zeitung and Deutschlandfunk 

April 2022: Foundation of the BEM-Tank as our in-house student-run
think tank  

May 2022: Publication of first online preprint 
Second Peer Review Crash Course 

June 2022: First Peer Review Fellowship 

August - October 2022: Participation in  
Open Science Festival 2022
Z2X Festival of ZEIT Online
Oxford/Berlin Summer School on Open Research  

Co-organization of 7th Conference on Student
Research by the Berlin University Alliance   

December 2022: Third Peer Review Crash Course 

January 2023: Participation in Academic Publishing in Europe (APE)

May 2023: First Educational Journal Club 
Fourth Peer Review Crash Course 

June 2023: Participation: Open Science Festival 2023

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften Berlin

 November 2023: Rebranding to Student Network for Open Science 


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