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Open Research by Default

Bringing Open Science to the Heart of Scientific Education

Published onJul 05, 2022
Open Research by Default

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A position paper from a student perspective on how Open Science can become the default for student papers (term papers, bachelor / master theses)

Read the current version (1.0) of our position paper here!

Currently German only, English version in preparation!

We are constantly looking for comments and review on our ideas!

Please reach out to us ([email protected]) or comment underneath this article (PubPub account required):

Open Science is not a new concept anymore!

And yet, we are not seeing widespread adaption in the scientific community. We are convinced, that to make Open Science the true standard for scientific research, a change of perspective is needed and we need to build an Open Science environment „from the bottom to the top“!

We have identified three core domains, through which the necessary changes should be introduced into curricula. Those are strengthening research based learning, living open science in all university domains and creating a platform to share and exchange student research.

We believe these ideas are universally applicable for all universities with a strong research focus, but we see the Berlin University Alliance in a unique position to pave the way and become a role model within the Open-Science movement.

In accordance with the vision behind the Berlin University Alliance, these ideas can be implemented on multiple levels at the same time. Not all of the suggested changes will be easy or without controversy, but by translating the Open Science principles into concrete changes in curriculae, the Berlin University Alliance can not just shape the experiences of future researchers, but also how a knowledge- and research-based society tackles the challenges of the future.

Have a look at our Poster from the BUA OpenX - Strategy conference

Current version (from 08.07.2022):

Read more about our positions on Open Science

Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

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